If you follow me on instagram then you probably know how much I have enjoyed Queenstown. It has definitely been our favorite town mainly because it’s target market is tourists. A few kiwi’s told us that we wouldn’t like it because it was too touristy but we are well, tourists, so it was a blast! Our first visit we stayed there for a few days with my parents. We were up for whatever they wanted to do. My mom chose the calm, relaxing boat cruise around the lake and my dad chose the jet/speed boat that goes through the canyon. Dustin put together a quick little video to give you an idea of what we experienced.

They got SO close to the sides of the canyon, it was nuts! And the jet boat only needs 10 cm of water to be able to operate so it looked like we were going to hit rocks and tree branches but we didn’t. After our two boat rides the boys went to ride the luge from the gondola. The girls went shopping (duh). We had dinner in the sky tower that overlooked the city…it was awesome! Dustin and I spent 5 more days there on our own South Island trip. He did his big bungy jump and he also went mountain biking. I went shopping and got a massage while he was being a crazy man. I will dedicate a whole post to his bungy jump since he got it all on film. Did you know bungy jumping was invented by a kiwi in NZ? True story. Here are a few pictures – maybe you will know why it’s our favorite city from the pictures.


Dream Holiday Homes




Reliving the glory days of Beach Front Boat Rentals

The view from our hotel!

The view from our hotel!

happy, happy

happy, happy


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