The Ultimate NZ Road Trip

My apologies for my lack of blogging these past few weeks. All good excuses, of course. The night we returned from our big trip with my parents, our friends threw Dustin a surprise birthday party! And then my parents left a few days later, followed by a baby shower I hosted, then one last “bobby” with our friends to say goodbye. Now we are back in our favorite city – Queenstown. But before I update you too much, let me give you a summary of the ultimate road trip with my parents.

As most of you know, Dustin and I didn’t date for too long before we got engaged and married. Of course my parents knew Dustin – but there’s so much more to learn when you spend two weeks on the road with your favorite son-in-law! When we were planning the trip, we wanted to have a variety of places to stay to get the full experience. It truly is in those moments of discomfort that you giggle the most. We didn’t think twice about staying in the same room as my parents at one spot because it was an in between place to stay on our way to a nice holiday home we rented.  Well there we were, all crammed into one tiny room not realizing that it would be stretching my parents out of their comfort zones to a) walk to the bathroom down the street b) share a room with their daughter & son-in-law. But by golley, it was fun! We laughed really hard about a few things and it was the running joke for the rest of the trip. Y’all, my mom slept in her clothes. It was hilarious! And Dustin was smart enough to capture the funny moment…

Nice and Cozy

Nice and Cozy

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.  Dustin is really big on making memories and indeed memories were made. We did so many fun things it’s hard to pin what was my favorite. I loved Queenstown which is probably why we are already back and spending 4 more days here. The first few days were spent traveling down the west coast and then we made our way back up north again on the east coast. The amazing thing was that we saw so many different types of scenery. Snow capped mountains, giant cliffs over looking the ocean, seal colonies, rocky beaches, sandy beaches, pristine lakes, rocky mountains, lush green mountains, farm land, huge waterfalls, canyons…and I could keep going.  My mom’s favorite were the large irrigation systems. As my dad would say, “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” Hehe Ok, so it wasn’t her favorite but she kept pointing them out and it’s hard not to give her a hard time about her Hedley upbringing. It was a quick 12 days to have them here but Dustin and I both are so glad to share that special time with them. For most people they will only hear and see pictures of what we did but the fact that they got to sit next to us and experience the same things we did will always be a fond memory. We laughed A LOT, ate a lot of food and saw a lot of the south island…all elements of one fantastic road trip if you ask me.

Crayfish Trailer

Holy Guacamole!

Holy Guacamole!


The “roaring meg” gorge.



Mama & Papa

Mama & Papa



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