What a day, what a day!
I will update the blog soon about our trip prior to our crazy day in Kaikoura. Until then, I will tell you about our craziest memory yet! The whole trip we had been bugging my mom about swimming with the dolphins in Kaikoura. She finally agreed and we got signed up to go out yesterday morning at 8:30. My dad was just observing and the rest of us were going to try to swim with the dolphins. Key word – try! When we were getting ready to leave, my mom noticed that one of our tires was completely flat. We should’ve taken that as a sign. We decided to briskly walk down to the dolphin place just in time to get all decked out in our wet suit gear. A wet suit hat (?), flippers, body and jacket of the wet suit and our snorkle gear. They showed us this cute video about how it’s really fun to swim with the dolphins and how you will circle with them and sing with them.
Hmmm…not exactly how our dolphin encounter went.
Let me tell you what they didn’t act out in the prep video – how to walk on a boat that is rocking back and forth from the massive swells. Dustin has a tendency to get sea sick so he loaded up on ginger pills which were no help to the chaos. I’ll get to that in a minute. Ok, so we’re out on the water – excited for what the ideal and oh so optimistic video “prepared” us for. The boat is rocking pretty hard but I’m trying to act cool since no one else was showing any concern. Then one person threw up, then two and then Dustin goes out to the back of the boat looking pretty white. In the meantime, they spotted some dolphins so we go over to where they are and they are rushing us to get all of our gear prepared to jump in and swim/sing/dance with the dolphins. I stayed put in my seat feeling pretty uneasy about the whole situation. My mom, listening to the leader of our boat, gets up and slowly but surely rocks back to the end of the boat. Right as she goes to sit down a huge swell knocks the corner of the boat right into her forehead! As most everyone knows, your head bleeds a lot so it looks a lot worse than what it really is. Dustin tells me pretty casually that my mom hit her head because he is so sick he can hardly talk. When I look over there’s blood everywhere so I call for my dad to come out.
This is when the fight or flight kicks in and I happen to be neither…I freak. I obviously didn’t inherit my dad’s ability to rescue people (he used to be a firefighter). Oh no…I just panic and think of the worst thing that could possibly happen. My dad was a total life saver because at this point Dustin and I both are out of commission. During all this chaos, the rest of the people were jumping in the huge swells to do what we had originally come to do. I feel so terrible that I just want to cry and I have no desire to see any dolphins…I just want to get my family off the boat. At one point (not exaggerating) I look over and see Dustin huddled up in the corner – white as a ghost, my dad holding a bloody towel on my mom’s forehead and my mom covered in  blood.Somehow Dustin mustered up the energy to get on his gear (like a zombie) and I even think I heard him mumble something about getting his money’s worth. hehe
My mom didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s experience so she was insisting that I go in the water when we saw the dolphins. The problem was that she had blood ALL over her face and my desire to do anything else except get off that dang boat had gone completely out the window. Finally when my mom threw up, they didn’t even give her an option, they were going to cut the trip off by a couple of hours so we could take my mom to the hospital. To be completely honest, I don’t think anyone was disappointed because they discounted everyone’s trip and the weather was so bad that more and more people kept feeling sick.
Once we FINALLY got off the boat (hallelujah!!!), the company had someone pick us up at the wharf and drive us to the hospital. Mind you we are all still wearing our wet suits and Dustin is still not feeling great. Luckily my mom was doing fine, I think she just really wanted to get out of the wet suit. The doctor (who was wearing jeans) took care of her and gave her a few stitches on her forehead. Who knew her free souvenir wasn’t going to be a sea shell or a pretty rock, it was going to be a scar on her forehead! The company paid for all the medical expenses and completely refunded our money.  After it was all said and done we were very, very thankful for a minor injury and we can now laugh at the craziness of the trip. Swim with wild dolphins in the ocean? No thanks! I’ll take my controlled environment at Sea World, thank you.
I don't always go to the emergency room but when I do, it's in a wet suit.

I don’t always go to the emergency room but when I do, it’s in a wet suit.


4 thoughts on “Emergen-sea

  1. Kaye Messer says:

    I have to say, Dustin is the worst looking in the bunch. Your mom managed a smile. Dustin managed to keep his stomach under control for the shot

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Oh my goodness… Forgive me for specifically praying for lots of laughter and good memories for you guys. I’m sorry for Angela’s potential scar but I myself am laughing reading this after already hearing the tale. I’ll pray for the scar now–promise!

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