Unexpected Things I’ve Missed

Do you like my clever title?

There have been the most random items that I have dearly missed and will be excited to have back in my possession. Let me preface this post first by saying that these are all vain things and I understand that my life would be completely fine without them but I can’t help but miss them! And let me also say that this post makes me look/sound very, very American and I’m 100% ok with it. =) Oh and one more thing – this list doesn’t include friends or family, solely materialism so please don’t think I’m only missing my things. Cue “you’re so vain…”

1. Jewelry – especially my engagement ring


2. Perfume


3. Curling Iron/Flat iron – one can only sport the pony tail for so long!


4. Wardrobe – Specifically my white jeans because it reminds me of Texas summers =)


5. Summer Wedges/non flat shoes


6. My big purse – right now I’m just using a little wallet which doesn’t allow me to carry half of my things around.


7. Target – need I say more? I miss Target but my wallet and husband are ok with it being across the ocean.



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