Some of the friends that we have made from my work invited us out for a few days of camping by the beach. It was awesome! Great company and an amazing setting…definitely my new favorite beach. It was a little over 2 hours away from Nelson but worth the drive. We are so spoiled to be so close to everything in town. 2 hours in Texas doesn’t get you too far but here it’s considered far away. We felt like true kiwi’s seeing as how the campsite we went to was not packed with tourists. In fact, it was mostly NZ families on their summer break. There were probably 16 different bays all filled with campervans and these massive tents. Apparently we didn’t get the tent castle memo – these tents were huge! It makes sense because families will go out for days with 4-5 people in one spot so you would want the big multi-room tents to walk around in. The first day we tramped up to a different, more isolated beach. We forgot our camera and the iphone doesn’t do it justice but here’s the photo we happened to get. There are these massive cliffs that you can barely sea (pun intended).


When we got back from the beach, one of the families that we knew had a boat and they offered to take us fishing. I have only been fishing once so I didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say it was so fun and exciting! We were mad that we didn’t bring the go pro camera to capture the excitement. We literally went out for 30 minutes and caught 6 fish. They accidentally forgot the net so we had to sling the fish up and into the boat so the man could grab the fish and gut it (in 90 seconds – Dustin was impressed). One time someone slung the fish up and without going into too much detail the fish was bleeding and flopping all over the boat! I was squealing and everyone else was laughing – haha – a memorable experience! We couldn’t believe how many bites we got. We took back the 3 Dustin caught and smoked them right up for dinner. I had never eaten fish that fresh so that was a really cool experience. The next morning, 2 of our friends went out again and we had cod, snapper and shark fried up for lunch again. Yum!


Dustin got a bite so he jumped up on the boat!


The “I have no idea what I’m doing but I’ll smile” face.

My boss, Kat

My German boss, Kat














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