We are getting closer and closer to start our traveling once again! We have been busy wrapping up a lot of things here so I haven’t been diligent about writing on our blog. Our schedule is jam packed until we get back home on April 1st. (not a joke, we’re really coming home) Tonight we are driving out to meet my boss and her “partner” (aka bf) to camp out for a few days and then next week we will leave for Napier for 4 days. A few days after we get back from Napier my parents arrive (yeehaw!). I’m hosting a baby shower for our flatmate a few days after my parents leave and then we will travel the south island and meet back up with our friends one last time before taking the ferry back to the north island. Whew! It’s going to be a crazy 2 months but we are ready for all the fun to begin!!

Napier – 9 days

Hines arrival(!!!!!)- 18 days

Baby Shower – 32 days

Arrive back in the states – 56 days

Here’s a little taste of where we will be going with my parents when they arrive.
















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