Les Miserables Movie Review(s)

Probably when I was at my “coolest” I was in the chorus for Les Miserables. ha! The funny part about my role in the musical was that I went to a small, private, Christian school so instead of being “whore #1” the technical Christian school title was “lovely lady #1.” My mom was really proud. Elena was of course the beautiful Cosette and rocked it! Have you ever heard her sing? She’s pretty awesome. Anyways, musicals were always really fun and something funny always happened back stage when you were waiting for your turn to clutter on stage. I have fond memories of high school (unlike the rest of the world?) so when I heard Les Miserables was coming out, I was really excited to see it! Or should I say Les Mis – it’s just what my fellow thespians called it.

Dustin knew I was really excited to see it so he surprised me with tickets yesterday. I tried to forewarn him and offered to see it by myself (before he bought the tickets obviously) – I just couldn’t see him getting into the musical but he was up for it. A couple of times I asked, “you know it’s a musical, right?” He said, “Like Mamma Mia? I liked Mamma Mia!” Welllll, Les Miserables didn’t turn out to be up to the Mamma Mia standards he had in mind. To be fair, if you had no idea what the story was about it would probably be pretty long and a little confusing. Mamma Mia is fun and up beat and as Dustin would say there was acting AND singing not just all singing. I was trying not to giggle when I heard him sigh or fidget in his seat. The people in the theater probably thought we were crazy when Dustin was singing to me quite loudly in the street after the movie – I’m sure there were still be moments when he busts out into song. I really loved the movie – I thought Anne Hathaway and everyone did a great job! I would recommend it to anyone, except make sure your husband knows what he’s about to get himself into if he comes along or he might a little…errr…miserable. =)




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