Art Deco Weekend

Do you remember when we went to Napier when we first arrived? It’s the town that was re-built in the 1920’s due to an earthquake that destroyed the city. Well, Dustin surprised me around Christmas with a trip to the festival in February! After we left Napier, I kept talking about how fun it would be to go back and dress up and see of the vintage cars and what not. I know what you’re thinking and yes I’m an old soul. I love all things vintage so I’m really excited to go in LESS THAN A MONTH! After we go to Napier we will work for about 3 days and then we will pack up and start traveling again with the Hines crew. We are going to hear live “big bands”, jazz music, fashion shows, antique shows, jitterbug lessons, dancing in the street, vintage car parade, gatsby picnic’s….I’m so excited! I have created a Pinterest board for all things Napier so now I’m on a mission to rent out cute costumes from the costume shop. So far I have:

3 hats, a few long pearl necklaces, a fur thing, a cute lace dress, and some gloves. We will definitely post lots and lots of pictures!





One thought on “Art Deco Weekend

  1. Hey that exact ring is at TJ Maxxineesta right now! Love the pink. So you are renting stuff to wear to the event? Y’all will be soooo Gatsby….young,skinny,blonde, and beautiful!!! Rich… Well in the ways that count!! Luv luv till later…

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