Recipes – the good, the bad, the ugly

One of my favorite parts of life traveling is food. Who doesn’t love food? As you can tell from previous posts we have been trying new things and I haven’t been documenting all of them! I didn’t say they were all successful, I just said we tried them. ha! I’m not afraid to admit when I mess something up. So here are a few of the good, bad and ugly. Pinterest lured me in with this recipe entitled: “Deep Dark chocolate chip cookies – no butter or flour!”


And when I cooked them for a baby shower they came out like chocolate pancakes and they were WAY too sweet! And if I’m saying something is too sweet, there’s a problem!!


Thanks, Pinterest. Luckily, I had the last minute idea to make iced coffees (coffee with ice cream and milk) and it was a good save! When we went to Kaikora, we had a really yummy gluten free pizza. The crust was extra thin and crispy – it was great! Since the pre-made pizza crusts are pricey I thought I would give it a go. This is one of those funny moments that we will laugh about when we are 50. I read the instructions carefully and it said to put the dough on parchment paper. I grabbed a roll of something that looked liked paper out of the cabinet and didn’t grease the bottom. When the pizzas came out they looked really good – but they weren’t budging off the paper. Dustin was very nice and ate 75%…paper and all! At one point he said, “I can’t even taste the paper!” I’m laughing just thinking about it. I’m sure everyone has those newlywed cooking moments where you make a mistake and your husband downplays it so you don’t feel like a total ditz! Here’s the parchment paper pizza after we were done:


The good thing about failures is that you learn from your mistakes and so the second time I cooked the pizza dough it was delicious and paper free! Here’s the recipe:

-1 cup warm milk (2%)

-1 1/2 cup gf flour

-1 tbsp dry yest

-1 tbsp sugar

-1 tsp salt

-1 tbsp honey (optional)

-1 tbsp olive oil

To get warm milk put the cup of milk in the microwave for 1 minute. Add the yeast and sugar and let sit for 5 minutes. The yeast will foam up and get really poofy (technical culinary term). Add the flour, salt, olive oil and honey together in a separate bowl and when the 5 minutes is up add the wet ingredients into the dry-ish ingredients. Mix together, grease the pan…GREASE THE PAN I TELL YOU! I just put the dough onto the cookie sheet and spread out the dough with my hands. It would’ve been a disaster if I used a rolling pin because the dough can be quite sticky. Cook the crust in the oven for about 8 minutes on 350 degrees, take out the crust and carefully add your toppings. Place back in the oven for another 12 minutes or so until the crust is crispy and the cheese is cheesy! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


2 thoughts on “Recipes – the good, the bad, the ugly

  1. Emma says:

    HA! Awesome! This reminds me of when I was in the US of A and wanted to do american baking – ie buy cookie dough in a roll, cut up and put in oven (so technical). Anyways, found what looked like those soft baking trays that roll up (what we use in NZ anyway) – only to find out after cooking the cookies, that I had completely melted them onto a chopping board? Cooking tray = chopping board?! What the heck!! LOL

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