Exciting News!!

We have been recruiting people to come visit us for probably about a year now. Ever since we found out we would be moving here, we wanted visitors! Obviously not everyone can just pick up and travel (sadly) BUT one couple has booked their flights and will be in transit next month! Ladies and gentleman, I give you….


…mama and papa Hines! From planning the wedding to sadly losing two parents within 3 months of each other, my parents deserve a vacation. We can’t WAIT for them to come and visit! Dustin was born to be a tour guide for family members in foreign countries. He loves itineraries and schedules and we will all be so thankful for his awesome skillz. (it deserved a “z”) Dustin got to share the Nigerian culture with his mom and dad and they still talk about those memories today! It is nice to have someone close to you experience what you have seen since it’s kind of hard to explain. (“it’s really pretty” just doesn’t do it justice) They will be here for 12 days and we will show them our sweet little town and then tour the south island for the rest of the time that they are here. And yes, I will blog about it. =)


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