A (Christmas) Miracle

Let me tell you about my biggest culinary accomplishment to date – making a pumpkin pie from scratch. Did you know making a pumpkin pie with a can of pumpkin isn’t truly making it from scratch?? Here’s how it all began.

Our friends, Nick and Hannah, graciously invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner and Hannah made her pumpkin pie with an actual pumpkin. My mind was blown. Say what? She explained it was really easy but let’s also mention that Hannah sews beautiful wedding dresses for a living. So “easy” domestically speaking is probably bordering the “difficult” level for me. (I’ve invited myself over to learn from Hannah’s domestic ways!) Anyways, to put it plainly the pie was hands down the best pie I’ve ever had! No question. So I was really intrigued. When my boss mentioned throwing a Christmas Eve party and wanted everyone to bring something that was reflective of their own cultures traditional holiday food, I immediately thought of bringing a pumpkin pie. Kiwi’s think pumpkin pie is disgusting because pumpkin here is more savory than sweet. They eat it as a vegetable so it would be like us eating a broccoli pie.

“So why would you make something that everyone wouldn’t eat?”

Great question, I’m glad you asked. Despite being grossed out, everyone was still really intrigued with the thought and wanted to try it.

So, I could practice making a pumpkin pie from scratch…for an audience that’s never tasted it before…that probably isn’t going to like it anyways. PERFECT.

They wouldn’t know the difference if it was bad or good anyways! So, here I was, on the phone with Hannah, getting detailed instructions on how to cook the pumpkin. Believe it or not, it WAS easy! I actually really enjoyed making the pie. I’m not going to lie, I think Dustin and I were both pleasantly surprised that it turned out really yummy. I had a few failed recipe attempts the week before so I was holding my breath for a success. I’m not sure if the kiwi’s enjoyed it but a few of my German co-workers said it tasted great and Dustin ate half of the pie so I think it turned out pretty dang good. Being in a country with no canned pumpkin, biscuits, pie crusts, whipped cream, etc forces you to try things that might seem difficult but in fact, are pretty easy and cost efficient. It’s a growing process and sometimes you actually get something right and it’s YUM!


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