Awkward and Awesome (part deux)


-walking to the passenger’s side thinking I’m actually getting into the driver’s side and someone is just watching me dance around my car by myself. Every time!

-waking up to a neighbor’s domestic dispute at 5 am – lots of bashing, cursing and yelling

-our bed swaying…SWAYING because of an earth quake on the north island. not so much awkward but a little scary? =/

-tramping through the woods and seeing a guy in a port-a-potty with the door open (he wasn’t peeing if ya know what I mean)

-running into said port-a-potty man and he had sunscreen all over his face and he was sweating

-standing with our flatmates husband at church and this conversation happens when a man we have never met walks up:

man: hi, i’m Joe. what are your names?

Mike: Mike

Me: I’m Meagan.

man: Oh, Mike and Meagan….cool. Where are you from?

Me: Oh, Mike and I aren’t married – my husband is at work.

Mike: No, we aren’t married but we are actually flatmates.

man: ???

Meagan: Yes and Mike is my husband’s boss!

(What a tangled web we weave! But it creates fantastic, confusing moments!)

-a man ordered something called, “bubble and squeak” at breakfast. I literally had NO idea what he was saying (accents make these things even more confusing). He was frustrated, I was flustered so I finally asked my co-worker hoping he knew. It’s like a hash brown? So much embarrassment for one little side dish.


-waiting on really cool American tourists that are easy to talk to and fun to get to know! It’s not that I don’t like talking to other nationalities but American customers want to discuss things like fantasy football and Austin City Limits so I dig that. (and they understand what I’m saying)

-people’s assumptions about Texans. The best reaction yet is, “Wow! You’re from Texas? But you sound so educated! Did you go to private school?”

-getting an invitation to 5 different Christmas celebrations with different friends and family – we feel so blessed!

-waking up to watch the sunrise at our local beach

-Christmas music…you either love it or hate it and I LOVE IT

-pretty flowers that Dustin brought home to me from work on his bike! Dedicated husband.



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