Party in the USA

We recently went out with our “flatmates” to Cable Bay which is about 20 minutes outside of Nelson. Little did we know, Dustin and I were going to be the life of the party. Here’s what happened…

I’m the sick kid who is allergic to everything these days so when I started feeling nauseous on Friday afternoon, I knew what might be coming next. But we already made plans, bought food and borrowed a kayak so I casually mentioned to Dustin that I wasn’t feeling great right before we left. About 30 minutes later when we arrived I was definitely SICK. While everyone else was eating dinner on the beach I stayed back and layed down for awhile hoping my stomach would settle down. Luckily, everything started to calm down and it was looking like I might be able to enjoy some of the evening with Emma while the boys when sea kayak fishing. We were chatting away when we saw the boys in the distance tip over in their kayak. We were cracking up (like sweet, concerned wives should) not thinking anything of it. When they pulled up,  Dustin was the one looking completely nauseous. It turns out Dustin got sea sick on the kayak, went to lose his dinner over the side not realizing the oomph that would send both of the guys over into the water.

Poor Mike and Emma….they invited us out for a fun evening and we were just one hot mess after another. Luckily they are our flatmates and they get to see us a lot so they understood why I was sick and were forgiving of why Dustin tipped over the kayak into the cold water. Basically, we are pretty fun to hang out with. Here are some pictures from the night – half of the pictures Dustin is still feeling really sick but you can’t even tell!



The last picture is of our flatmate, Emma! haha


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