Pelorus Bridge

Last week, Dustin and I headed out again on another 24 hour adventure. This one was a little different than most of our past trips. We camped like I thought all people in the world camped – right by your car. It’s just so easy and accommodating! No hiking up a mountain with a sleeping bag and food strapped to you. I will say that it makes a view or a night a lot more adventurous and rewarding when you have everything on your back but I will also say that camping by your car is pretty awesome, too. The campsite was quite fancy – there was a kitchen, bathroom and hot showers. Not to mention a little convenient store at the front of the park that offered our new favorite flavor of ice cream, “hokey pokey.”

And that’s what it’s all about.

Right before we got to this fancy campsite, we had to cross a one way bridge. Luckily, the path to this destination was paved, marked, wide! It was great and our last obstacle was to cross this bridge. As we approached, we saw a coach bus from far away but we were clearly way ahead of the bus. Typically, whoever is first to their side goes on the bridge and the other kind, patient, civil driver lets you pass on by. We proceed to drive on the bridge and the tour bus starts coming towards us. Uhhhh….what is he doing? The driver proceeds to “shoo” us like a fly off the bridge. There are lots of little touristy eyes on us as we put our car in reverse and dance with the tour bus off the bridge. It was quite humorous, really. Neither one of us knew what to say – but now I know what to say. That poor bus driver needs a hug!!

Once we arrived, we had a blast! We bought playing cards and kicked it old school with games like go fish, memory and speed. We cooked a yummy dinner and (kind of) had s’mores for dessert. They were out of the graham crackers on the international food aisle so we had to adjust our recipe slightly. It was still yummy, though! Dustin got to fish both days and it was a nice, relaxing trip. We were joking about how it felt like we were at church camp and who doesn’t love a good church camp??




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