Cobb Valley

Dustin and I are getting in the routine of having 2-3 days off together so we are trying to plan one overnight trip per week to somewhere in the area. Initially we planned on staying for 2 nights but due to a funny and memorable trip – mother nature decided otherwise! Our flat mates are literally certified in all things adventurous so they pointed us in the direction of the Kahurangi National Park, specifically Cobb Valley.

After about an hour of driving we were on a one way road winding through and around a mountain. One way as in – someone might come around the windy corner and we have to squeeze by hoping we don’t fall off the mountain. Ok, a little dramatic but pretty darn close. So to put it plainly, I’m a nervous wreck. Dustin is used to this crazy driving from Africa but I’m on the edge of my seat. Not only is it one way…it turns into a windy, one way dirt road. And there’s one  lane bridges! And there’s a sign that says, “proceed at your own risk!” Oh brother, I was just ready to get there!

Once we made it there (phew!) we headed to the top about 2 ish hours away. The path was really wide but a pretty steady incline the whole way. As Dustin would say, “we’re getting buns of steel!” Definitely some great motivation, if you ask me. When we arrived, this was peeking just around the corner.


Crazy, huh? We were both in AWE. It’s hard to describe but we were so excited! Not only was this place beautiful, but we were the only ones on the mountain. We had an option to stay in a hut but we really wanted to camp right by this amazing scenery. (Can you see our tent in the picture above?) We picked a spot that appeared to be protected by the wind. We were in our tent ready to go to bed when all of a sudden we hear a whistling noise in the distance. It’s getting closer and closer and suddenly our tent starts shaking like a leaf! I felt like we were in a mountain tornado. Oh don’t worry….it starts rattling our tent so hard every 5-10 MINUTES. UNTIL 4 AM. We were tossing and turning in and out of sleep. Tired and exhausted but also laughing at the helpless situation we created. Instead of staying 2 nights we went home early because a) we were exhausted b) it was drizzling all day when we “woke up.”  Needless to say it was a long night but it didn’t put a damper on our time there. We had a blast taking pictures and soaking up the beautiful scenery. So far this has been the most Lord of the Rings-ish type place that we have seen. We took a lot of pictures so enjoy!



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