(DISCLAIMER – long post, no pics)

Remember that one post a few weeks ago about learning to trust God and giving over our worries to Him. Wellllll, my little worrier mind has been put to ease. We have been overwhelmed by the love that’s been shown to us here in Nelson. Ok, yall….you won’t even believe this! Our first week here, we met a girl working behind the desk at our hostel who was really nice and gave us a ride into town. Coincidentally, Dustin had met her husband earlier that day in town and we connected the dots since there aren’t a lot of Texans wandering around Nelson. It turns out, this couple attended the church that we had found on-line before moving to Nelson that we were planning on checking out. We thought, cool! We might see a familiar face our very first visit to church. On Sunday we saw Emma and Mike and they invited us to a small group later that day and we met some really awesome couples our age. We were so excited! Meeting a few great people your age within a week of moving somewhere was so encouraging.

It gets better.

Before we even got to Nelson we had been searching and searching for a place to live. Every day we were messaging realtors and renters to inquire about different properties. We literally walked into every real estate company in town to talk to people and try to find a place suitable for a 4 month lease. We kept running into dead end’s. We needed a furnished place which there were plenty to choose from but all the one’s we called on were taken or wanted a year lease instead of month to month. After about a week and a half of looking and looking and NOTHING we started to look at the more expensive options. Never would we ever consider paying $1500 for a small little bedroom but things just weren’t working out so here we were, crunching numbers and trying to figure out how we could make it work! And then we found the perfect (or so we thought) situation. An older woman leasing out her new garage apt (aka sleepout in NZ lingo) that overlooked the ocean. Absolutely breathtaking! It was perfect and we were so excited. But it didn’t work out.

By this time I’m starting to get frustrated and we are living in a sleepout that we only had for a few more days. We had a hostel in town that was really nice to stay at but obviously not for a long term deal. (“I thought you said the story gets better…?” I’m getting there.)

Ok, so Mike and Emma just bought a fixer-upper house in Nelson but right after they closed on the house they found out they were pregnant. Yay for a sweet baby! Not so great for renovation time-line’s. They were planning on renovating the house for awhile before they welcomed a wee one into the world but since the baby will be here in May, they will need to renovate sooner than later. It just so happens that they have an unoccupied sleepout…and they also need help on the house…and the homeless Texans need a place to live. One night we came over for dinner and they generously offered their extra living space in exchange for work around the house every week. We were a) blown away by their generosity and hospitality b) we were excited to have a permanent place to rest our heads. So we are basically WWOOF’ing and we have the great opportunity to get to know Mike and Emma on a deeper level. It’s also great when I sometimes work at night, Dustin won’t be all by his lonesome. =)

Not only do we have a place to stay, 2 of the couples from our small group donated their furniture for us to use while we are here. Holy moly, we feel so loved! A huge thanks to those friends who have donated and sacrificed for Dustin and I. I must say again with confidence, God is so good and He knows what He’s doing! We thought we wanted the ocean front apartment but He had a much greater plan and community for us to be immersed in. Awesome. Thankful.


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