Makin that money…

Dustin and I are both employed and (almost) fully trained. I am working at a nice restaurant within a resort and Dustin is working at an outdoor store similar to REI. If a restaurant is interested in bringing you on, they offer you a “trial run” for the night to have a go. I was given three tables and thrown into the mix. Overall the night went really well and they offered me a job (yay!) but there were of course some funny things that happened due to being in a foreign country.

The restaurant I work at is fine dining – so fine that I haven’t heard of half of the ingredients.  Thank goodness for Top Chef or I would’ve been drowning my first night! I also don’t know a lot of the lingo because there are foods grown here that we don’t have in the states. Or maybe we do and we just don’t eat them in little ‘ol Texas. Not to mention the extreme mix of cultures in the kitchen. My boss is German, some of the other server’s are Austrian, South African, British and Indian and one of the chef’s is Irish. Oh and apparently I’m really hard to understand, too. As you could imagine…this is the perfect storm for really funny moments which I will be documenting here. My first night I waited on a family of four with 2 cute little boys who wanted to “ask me a question” but were too shy to say anything. Finally their mum said, “They want to know where you’re from…” I made him guess which didn’t help the blushing and when he guessed America I made him guess a state. He was too young to understand states but instead he said, “Do you live in Hollywood?” Kids say the darnest things! It was too cute. Hollywood has a big influence over here so anytime we tell people that we are from Texas they think we are pistol shootin, cowboy hat wearin, son-of-a-gun.

We just smile and laugh.

Dustin seems to be adjusting well to his new job! The company he works for was put on the map by the most famous kiwi, Sir Edmond Hillary. He was the very first man to ever climb Mt. Everest successfully and was well equipped with one of MacPac’s high quality sleeping bags. Talk about a selling point! I’m sure he’s going to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world doing very adventurous things. In his spare time he has been learning how to kite surf…cool, huh? He is thoroughly enjoying the manly job selling outdoorsy things, riding his bike around town and learning how to do more extreme sports! And I’m enjoying driving to work and laying on the beach while he is being extreme. Haha! We have an AWESOME video to show you on our next blog…you will get to see a glimple of where we are currently living!

My fancy pants work place:

A kite surfer (not Dustin) with our new city in the back ground! This is the view from our local beach…


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