Waitomo Caves

After deciding to head south for the summer, we mapped out a fun little trip through the North Island. Our first stop was probably the most touristy thing we’ve done so far but I just really wanted to go! When I had heard about a glow worm cave in the states, I had my heart set on seeing it so Dustin, even though he hates super touristy spots, willingly made it our first stop of the day. We had 2 options to see these supposed glow worms. Option #1 was to repel into the cave, crawl through tiny holes and then sit in a tube in dark, cold cave water (with eels) for about 3-4 hours. Option #2 was to walk through the well lit cave through large openings and ride in a dry canoe to see the glow worms which only took about an hour. Hmmm…can you guess who wanted to do which option?? We didn’t have 3-4 hours (shucks!) but Dustin was still really glad we went! The glow worms looked like tiny little stars and we ended up getting our own private tour because they underestimated the size of our group. There is a part of the new movie, “The Hobbit” that was filmed in the cave so we are excited to look out for that scene. Since we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, here are a few from their website. Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure…


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