Awkward and Awesome

As some of you may know, The Daybook is queen of this subject but I’m going to do my NZ version because traveling abroad brings about all things awkward and awesome.


-Dustin confusing Iran with Israel. “Did you say you were from Iran?” Oops.

-A Swedish couple asking me all about the election and concerned that I wasn’t there to vote…

-children throwing temper tantrums that are way too old for that

-sitting right across from someone on the train (eye contact? no eye contact?)

-making a joke about our 1998 cell phones and the person pulls out a very similar style. “oh well they’re great, too! I don’t waste as much time and iphones are overrated…”

-strategically placing my under wear on our shared clothes line hoping no one drives up as I’m doing said chores

-the convection oven broke while we were making our garlic bread, we burned our popcorn in the microwave and we ordered 4 boxes of pizza in one night…our landlord seemed concerned

-ordering 4 large pizzas ($3.99/each) and then eating from the boxes stacked in our car for 4 days…ok I stand corrected, that’s awesome b/c I love pizza

-Dustin making a joke about pupu springs – the lady didn’t laugh

-ordering a decaf macchiato thinking it was a mochachino…turns out a macchiato is a shot of caffeine or in my case a shot of decaf coffee

-“where are you from?” Texas. “oh, I don’t judge all Texans from George Bush. Some of you are actually pretty cool!”

-asking a couple to take our picture and right before the snap she said in broken English…”you lookalike Ken and Barbie!” Not so much awkward but more like funny.


-skyping with friends and family

-the warmth and generosity of everyone we have met so far

-hitchhiking with two sweet old ladies

-finding a lady that sells fresh tortillas and salsa

-finding a church your first week with an awesome group of believers all your age…God is so good!

-round a bouts – no stopping, continuous traffic…FANTASTIC.

-lots of gluten free options in restaurants and bakeries

-after finding a lot of common interests with a girl she said, “ok, to solidify our friendship…what’s your take on Anthropologie?” Yep, we’re friends.

-getting 6 job offers after looking for jobs for only 4 days!

-garlic aioli sauce…kinda like ranch…yummm.

-lots of great local hike and bike trails (hiking is pretty fun!)

-living an hour away from one of the best national parks in NZ

-living in a foreign country but oddly feeling right at home


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