Beer and Wine Tour

We have spare time every afternoon so one day we decided to go on a beer and wine tasting tour. At first we looked up the cost for a wine tasting tour and it was going to be $120 each! No thanks! I know our Nike/Target outfits might deceive you but Dustin and I have no idea what we are talking about when it comes to wine. Usually our hostess will take us into town but on this particular day we had to walk. The house is pretty isolated but we didn’t mind since it was a great way to see the island. We accomplished something that Dustin has been dying to do since arriving here. We hitchhiked. He probably doesn’t want me to tell to you the rest of the story. We hitchhiked…with these two sweet old ladies. haha! They saw us, stopped their car and reversed to see if we wanted a ride to the end of the road. We were SO appreciative and their response was, “well, that’s Waiheke Island for you!” It’s like a small town here which can be really nice and welcoming. Anyways, 4 miles later we made it to the brewery. They have 6 little tastings that we tried but I only drank the cider beer since it was gluten free. They had this non-alcoholic ginger beer that was their #1 seller…Dustin said it had a little ginger bite in the back of your throat. Acquired taste I’m guessing?

Next, we walked to the nicest vineyard on Waiheke…wearing – you guessed it! Nike attire! We looked like total backpackers and we were just curious about what a wine tasting really was. We ordered our wines to try and the lady made us stand there and listen to her whole speech about how each one has a peachy/oaky/orangey/minty flavor. Really? There’s no way you can taste all of those flavors in one sip. It was pretty awkward since we wanted to sit down and enjoy our sips of wine that we deserved after a 4 mile hike! If you ask us, it’s all a little silly but hey, now we can cross it off our list. Wine tasting AND hitchhiking all for a mere $20 total and 800 calories burned. Not too bad!!


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