Kiwi Tour

We have already learned so much about the kiwi life while being here for just a few days. One of Dustin’s friends grew up here on the north island and we had the privilege of hanging out with her and her family the past 2 days. She took us to her home and to the beach that was close to her house. The beach was the most picturesque view I’ve ever seen in my life! It was unreal…large crashing waves on the giant cliffs surrounded by lush green hills and black sandy beaches. Wow! Anyways, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Here’s a few NZ phrases that are important to know if you want to hang out with some locals thanks to our friend, Ruth!
-sweet as = cool
-kiwi = locals
-flash = fancy
-eh = yeah?
-jandals = sandals
-togs = bathing suit
-petrol = gas
-heaps and heaps = a lot
-cheeky = sassy
-flat = apartment
-mate = friend
-O.E. = overseas experience
-flatmate = roommate
-yute = truck
Ruth told us to bring our tog’s since we were going to the beach. We couldn’t remember if that meant flip flops or bathing suits so we brought both! She was just being silly since it’s too cold to swim right now but we all laughed about our conversation trying to figure out what she meant.
We have been at our first WWOOF’ing job for almost a week now so be sure to stay tuned to hear all about that!

3 thoughts on “Kiwi Tour

  1. Tabea & Andreas says:

    It’s so much fun do read your posts – thank you very much for sharing!
    And please: Greet Ruth from Tabea and Andreas.

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