The Hostel Life

While we were in Auckland, we stayed at a hostel downtown that came with the packaged deal of buying our visa through an agency here. They upgraded our room for free to a private room as opposed to staying with other people in a dorm like setting. We were definitely some of the oldest backpackers! They are all very young, which will be another post in itself. Anyways, staying at a hostel is where I’m learning to get out of my comfort zone and embrace the backpacker’s lifestyle. It wasn’t exactly the Ritz Carlton but we were thankful to have our own room, hot water and a tv! We bought food to cook at the hostel to save money and we had to use community plates, silverware, etc so that was also a comfort zone stretch. haha! It’s all a part of the adventure, right? Here is a really quick tour and a short glimpse into mine and Dustin’s interactions. He makes a silly joke and I get embarrassed!


5 thoughts on “The Hostel Life

  1. Melissa Mira O'Connell says:

    I think compared to some of the other living arrangements you may find along your adventure – you will look back on this and think this was the Ritz Carlton 🙂 Good luck and Many Blessings – God has an amazing plan!

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