We are here…finally!

After months and months of planning, we are finally in the long lost land of New Zealand. We landed yesterday with minimal hassle minus a small hiccup on the plane. The woman in front of us decided to lose her airplane food all over Dustin’s new hiking shoes. Other than that. it went by fast and we got plenty of rest to hold us over on our first day here.

As we were checking into the hostel I heard someone say, “Meagan?” Yes, I was confused as you are right now. Who in the world do I know in New Zealand? It turns out there is a couple from ACU (go wildcats) that had the same idea as us but we had no idea they were staying at our hostel! That was exciting to see some fellow Americans!

We were ambitious in thinking we could knock out our supposed “2 hour” orientation the morning we flew in. 3 1/2 hours later…we are familiar with every region, bank, hostel and travel agency in the whole country! haha It was a very informative session but we were both jet lagged and hungry. Not a great combination if ya know what I mean.

Auckland is a really neat city! Dustin said it reminds him of Chicago and it reminds me of the UK. We weren’t expecting all of the people walking around on the street and the diverse cultures represented. Below is a picture of us with downtown Auckland behind us…pretty huh? (You have to squint to see the skyline since it’s a little foggy.)

We have an upcoming blog post that will…take your breath away! Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “We are here…finally!

  1. Elena Coggin says:

    God is good!!!! So thankful y’all are there safe!
    You look beautiful and actually rested! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.
    Love you both!

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