Pinterest vs. Reality

I’m not one for countdowns but we’re six days away. SIX DAYS, PEOPLE.

I love Pinterest but let’s be real…it’s a glorified version of myself. A really, really stylish and cool version. I’m currently wearing a nike dri-fit shirt and my new Merrell hiking shoes. But in the Pinterest world, this is what I’m wearing:


We are buying a car/SUV/campervan while we are there and unfortunately I found this adorable campervan on Pinterest.


So cute, right? I showed Dustin and he loved it! I have a feeling this is the campervan we will end up with:


haha! It’s all a part of the adventure!


First Stop: Waiheke Island

We have been hired for 10 days! A few weeks ago, Dustin and I set up our very first job as WWOOF’ers with a family on the island of Waiheke. It is a quaint little island (22 square miles) of 8,000 residents but is known to grow to about 25,000 people over the summer holiday. The 26 vineyards are a big attraction for the island and we are hoping to go on a date or two to some of these vineyards while we are there. The home we are staying at has a 360 degree view of the ocean and a ton of positive reviews from previous WWOOF’ers! It is a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland which is the perfect spot for our first job.

Home away from home.

We now officially have 25 days left until we depart! To pass the time, Dustin and I have been “flipping” furniture on Craigslist and it has been really fun. (See pictures below) One of the missionaries from Uganda who I highly respect and look up to wrote an amazing blog post today about refinishing furniture. If you are a mom or a woman of faith, Lori’s blog is encouraging and genuine. If you have time, check it out. (Lori’s Blog!)

Trundle Bed

Small Dresser

***My sincerest apologies to anyone who is friends with me on facebook but has no interest in buying or looking at any of the following items: UT football tickets, wedding décor or furniture. Hey, at least it’s not political rants, right??